Obsess much?

29 05 2009


My good friend Jacob recommeded this movie to me.  King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is a documentary film that follows Steve Wiebe as he tries to take the world high score for the arcade game Donkey Kong from reigning champion Billy Mitchell.  Don’t worry this was my first time hearing these names too.

As I sat down to take in this film I was quickly taken through the history of the arcade gaming industry and its leading cast of characters.  Each new person I was introduced to caused me to giggle like I was back in 7th grade Health class and turned the textbook to the picture of the female anatomy.  However, the more I watched the quieter I got.  I was slowly being drawn into the story of Steve Wiebe and his quest.  Soon I found myself rooting for Steve as I watched him play Donkey Kong on an arcade machine in his own garage.  Setting the high score became an obsession, and I was witness to his journey.

I won’t ruin the ending for you (I also now recommend this film), but as I sat there contemplating what it must be like to be such a nerd, it suddenly all made sense.  Replace Donkey Kong with football, and it all makes sense.  Every last minute he spent in front of that machine suddenly made sense.  Now we have a blog, and it makes sense.


How do you replace legends?

29 05 2009


With cash and youth.  As I sat and watched Barcelona “o-lay” their way around the United midfield for 80+ minutes, I could only clench my fists as I yelled at the television, “Why are we walking?”  It was clear that we were out of sorts, or maybe out of place.  The once sturdy, dependable, efficient midfield play of Giggs and Scholes suddenly looked inept as  United continued to chase it’s tail in the second half.

There are a few players in the squad now that were brought in to train as replacements for these legends.  They were brought in to learn from the legends how to play, not just the position, but play for Manchester United.  They were brought in for games just like this, to do what Giggs and Scholes have done for so many years.  None have impressed.  That is why we were left to depend on our legends to carry us once again.

For this game Ferguson chose Anderson to start over Scholes, because of his play in the victories over Arsenal, twice, and Porto, but he was kid among men against Barcelona.  Substituted at half time, Anderson, dubbed the next Paul Scholes, has not been close to reaching that expectation.  Each young player that has been tipped to replace Giggs or Scholes has left the United faithful scratching their collective head.  There have been moments, or maybe minutes, where we have seen flashes of this promise from a few, but nothing close to what these legends have given United the past decade and a half.  So how do you replace legends?  I’m not sure how, but I’m sure Ferguson is looking.

New Newcastle Jerseys Are In!

28 05 2009



27 05 2009


I watched the whole damn thing.  I sat and watched the 93rd minute, the celebration, the players hugging, jumping, smiling, and the trophy presentation.  I took my medicine as a man.  We were out played, out ran, out skilled, and out manned in all ways.  I had to take it as a supporter.  This is what makes you stronger.  As I sit here in my white kit, pondering another beer, I wonder what this loss will do to my team.  What will Man United look like next year?  Time will only tell.  Right now I have to watch the highlights, the reports, and hear freaking Tommy Smyth talk (yes I believe he hates English football) all over the freaking place about this game.  I will do it, because that is what you do as a fan, because you believe you will be here again, and you will win.

Game On.

27 05 2009


Champions League final today.  A dream matchup.  I hope all are watching. For those of you who are wondering, I took the day off (yes, it is 11AM).  I don’t know what to say since PMS is taking over.

Game on.

The Darkest Day of the Year

25 05 2009

We are there my friends.  This is sadder than putting the turkey in the tupperware, sweeping up the ashes of fireworks, or taking down the Christmas lights. The EPL has ended, match day 38 has passed, the future of the leagues have been decided, and now we wait for the next season.  Before you go and do something crazy, like watch baseball, there is plenty of news for us to attend to.  We here at Among the Thugs will be furiously working this offseason, because we know that during this period there is just as much action to report.  One thing we will watch closely will be the transfer window.

The “transfer window” is the unofficial term commonly used for the concept of “registration period” as described in the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Player. Essentially this means that this is an open market for clubs to begin shopping for players.  There are a lot of details that go into each individual transfer, so we will do our best to include as many details as possible for each story.  According to the rules, each national football association decides on the registration periods used in that association. FIFA mandates two registration periods.

For the English Premier League the transfer window officially opens the last day of the season, and will continue until 5pm of August 31st.  The rumors run fast and furious and the reports are already beginning to trickle in.

It’s Cold and Raining….

24 05 2009

Sadness? Anger? Depression? All feelings that I am dealing with on what would have been a beautiful Sunday. Today Newcastle United is officially relegated out of the Premier League. My heart actually feels a bit broken. It’s a very weird feeling for a grown man with a family to feel so upset over a football match. But here I am writing this post with a beer in my hand, not a Newcastle but a Pabst Blue Ribbon. I hung my jersey up in my closet and sit here before everyone reading this that “I vow not to wear my home jersey until the day Newcastle is pumped back into top flight”. I do have other merchandise that I will be wearing as this will be a reminder of my very first season of English Football. Some of you may be asking will I jump ship and follow another team, I do really enjoy West Ham, and my answer is HELL NO! I am a proud soldier in the TOON ARMY. Yes this is going to really suck to be honest, we deserved it. We were absolutely horrible this year and we got what was coming to us. We are kind of like the Republican Party. When your leadership is shaky things start to crumble. Now as difficult as this next year will be we have to deal with it head on and as sad as I am right now I will stand with my mates and cheer on the mighty Toons as we focus on returning to the Premier League.


Its going to be an interesting off season………………….