English Football vs American Sports

14 05 2009

This will be a three part post on English Premier League Football stacked up against the three big sports here in America: NBA, NFL, and MLB. Yes these will be my own opinion but they will be coming from a soul that for the past 28 years have scoffed at “soccer” and held the foam finger high in the air for American past times. It has only been a year that I have been blind sided by what I have come to know for a fact as the ultimate sport. Here are my views on English Football vs the NBA.

I have found that the ELP (English Premier League) as a whole is one of the last real raw displays of athletic wonder. A  90 min. ,commercial free match can be decided within a few seconds. Therfore sitting at the edge of your pub stool or couch is a unconcious reaction. Its hard not to feel a real sense of pride for your team when you hear the crowd singing your teams anthem for the entire match. Knowing that in the end of the season if your team sucks they don’t get a prize with a top lottery pick. They get a nice “GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LEAGUE” and get droped to a league sponsered by a soda pop and will be playing against guys who still rock the British mullet. Yes there are egos just like in all sports but these are the guys with targets on their back from the refs. Floping is a sure way to earn a yellow card just for being a pansy. There are rules and the notion of a “home town ref” is non-existant.  I could go on and on but I wanted to touch on those things as I speak on the parts of the NBA that really have now turned me away.

I now have a hard time watching a sport were their superstars get a free pass just because they bring in a lot of money for the league. If refs went by the book, Shaq would be called for a foul everytime he posted up. Every guard would get called for traveling. There would never be a charge called. And couple that with being a star you can get away with almost anything. The ego’s out there seemed to be encouraged. The bigger the head you have the more marketable you become, Ron Artest has a record deal!!! Shaq has a record deal!!! Don’t even get me started on skill levels! If I was 6’9 I’d be in the NBA. If you were 6″10 and had an ounce of athletic ability you would be a millioniare.  It’s now hard for me to watch the NBA, a sport that was my life up until last year.

So as I re-light my pipe and drink the last bit of my coffee I must close my very first post. Check out my up coming posts on EPL vs the NFL and MLB. Get on board America!




One response

19 05 2009

You better be working on Parts II and III. Very well said my friend, and I do know how much you lived and breathed basketball.

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