Are we in 8th grade?

15 05 2009


Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner was photographed leaving a club stumbling around with his pants down.  Now I understand how a devastating loss to Manchester United, officially dumping Arsenal out of the Champions League, would make me want to hit the town and party like a rock star.  I know the first thought that comes into my head after a loss is, “I really hope the music is good at the club tonight.”  No matter what Bendtner does to vent his anguish over the loss is not mine to judge, but stumbling around the street with your pants down, now that’s partying!

The best part of the story is his explanation to his manager.  Wegner said, “I was angry when I saw the pictures, but he has been set up.  He was not drunk, but somebody was waiting for him to leave the club and pulled his pants down from behind. Then they took a picture and posted it around the world. That’s what he told me.”

I love the last part, “that’s what he told me.”  Even his manager can’t believe him, unless of course, he was partying with 8th graders.




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