Do I Need Help?

15 05 2009

It’s a question my wife, friends, and family have asked me on almost every Friday evening. Maybe it’s due to the fact that every Friday when I get home from work I kiss my wife and kids then go straight to the computer to get mentally ready for the weekends fixtures. Maybe it’s because the night before a match I lay out my Newcastle United Jersey….making sure it won’t wrinkle of course. Or it could be that when my wife does the laundry she finds print outs of the standings and the weeks match ups with my notes of what Newcastle’s “Best Case Scenario” would be. Perhaps it’s because I get very giddy about waking up at 4:15am on a Saturday morning to brave the 405 freeway on the way to our Abbey [The British Social Dominion Club] where I meet people just like me.

I am pondering this question right now. It’s match day tomorrow and I feel like it’s Christmas Eve! Yes I’m sure I do need help……….but not until the off season!




One response

19 05 2009

I’m afraid every time I go over to your house that an intervention will be awaiting us.

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