Retirement? I didn’t even know he was playing.

15 05 2009


I used to be a huge Michael Owen fan back in his Liverpool days.  So much so that I even considered naming my son Owen if I ever have one.  That seems like a distant memory, maybe even a lifetime ago.  When Owen disappeared into the ego filled world of Real Madrid, I thought he was lost forever, only to have him re-emerge with Newcastle.  Since this return in 2005 the only reports I have seen about him have been doctor’s reports, and now this article surfaces.

From ESPNSoccernt – “Angry Owen denies summer retirement plan”

“It was claimed that the 29-year-old was set to take up a new career as a full-time racehorse trainer, but Owen’s management company have dismissed the suggestion as ‘totally untrue and wrong.'”

I agree that this suggestion is “totally unture and wrong”.  It is a racehorse jockey, not a trainer.  Get it straight.




One response

15 05 2009

I love him but he needs to go. We needed him this year and he didn’t come through for us. Time to move on.

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