Mission Accomplished.

16 05 2009


I was up and at the Abbey in time for the match this morning, ready to watch history.  And it happened.

The game itself was a tense ball of nerves from the start.  United pressed for the goal that would surely see them to the title, and that played right into Arsenal’s hands.  Each time we got possession we looked for that one ball, that one pass, that one touch, that would give us the goal we so desired.  It never came.  It was fine, or so we all thought.  0-0 still gets us the title, we whispered quietly.  Slowly we retreated as the second half wore on content to see it out.  That, as football fans know, is the most dangerous thing to do.  It worked.  A couple of close calls and nervy moments later we were champions.

It wasn’t a pretty match, definitely not something to write about, but I didn’t wake up a 4 in the morning to see a good match.  I would have settled for even less than what I got. I went to see history, and mission accomplished.




One response

16 05 2009

My hat is off to Man U, but only for a bit. There’s a far bigger battle brewing — Newcastle’s final match.

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