Enough Already

18 05 2009

large_20070815_112456_newcastle-unitedEnough of this Manchester United crap! Yes, you won the title. Pat your damn backs then move on. Here’s your trophy. There’s a far better battle at hand and that’s the final Newcastle United v. Aston Villa match.

With the Magpies back down in the relegation zone all focus is now on this fixture. No more f-ing around! We’re a different team now… we’re better. Far too much is at stake– not so much for Ashley or Shearer, but for Newcastle’s Toon Army. The 12th man. The fans. The followers.

Villa will bring their best on Sunday. They too need a win to replace Everton at fifth place. They won’t be sitting back taking this lightly. Also, let’s not forget that Hull City plays Manchester United—yeah! The superheroes are back! They better not pussyfoot this last game because they’ve already clenched the title. We need Hull to lose. I say to Manchester United, “bring it one last time; if not for pride then do it for shits-n-giggles.” Damnit!




2 responses

18 05 2009

Let’s F****ING do this!!!

19 05 2009

This game is for the fans, and the Magpies better show up for the Toon Army’s sake. I would hate to see Monty hang himself.

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