I’m Ready!!!!!

18 05 2009

It’s Monday evening and as I smoke my pipe, sip my coffee and with some jazz on in the background I have been able to gather myself mentally to face what is my clubs future and to face my own destiny. With that amazing kick to the balls on Saturday were Newcastle once again was not able to secure ANY points against Fulham at home we are now in a must win or pull out a draw against Aston Villa with weekend. A result that is not impossible but one that is going to be a major battle for us. The past two days have been a very difficult. But now that the hang over is gone and my jersey is back now back up on its cedar hanger in my closet I am ready to look at this do or die situation and with my head held high get into attack mode. United Away!! There are a few things that are going to be in our favor for this last match of the season with Villa. We are literally playing for our league lives. Villa has nothing to be playing for aside from football pride. If Man U does there job they should take care of F***ING Hull City and really all we would need to do is secure our Premier League status for next year is a draw. This week will bring new meaning to the phrase P.M.S. (Pre Match Stress) for me but as I am still cutting my teeth this season I am ready to except what my club and my own fate will be. So come Sunday morning at 7:00am I shall be sitting at the Abbey with my smooth Guinness in hand and my beautiful Newcastle United jersey on as we step out onto the pitch at Villa Park were the Toon Army will lay it all on the line and come out VICTORIOUS!




One response

19 05 2009

I’m with you brother. Newcastle and Coca Cola really do not go well together.

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