23 05 2009


This weekend I saw Liverpool’s chances for the Premiere League title diminish after Arsenal failed to beat Man-U with a 0-0 tie giving the Devils the one point they needed to secure the title win as league champions. That being our last chance to grab some silverware this season, I felt disappointment but only for a moment. When I think about the season as a whole and how the Reds performed, I couldn’t be more proud of a team. They never gave up; never stopped fighting.

Some of the great moments looking back at this season for me was seeing the Reds beat Chelsea and put an end to their 86-game unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge.

And sitting with my good friend Seany sharing a pint of Guinness at the Abby watching Liverpool crush Manchester United.  A 1-4 win at Old Trafford.

What can I say about the Champions League?  Liverpool overcame what Real Madrid could dish out which led us to a face off with Chelsea.  In the second leg, already down by 1-3 aggregate, the Reds took the field and played with hearts of lions. The match ended at a score of 4-4, leaving the Livers out of the Champion League. I felt beaten but not knocked down.

Someone once said, “Sometimes you have to lose before you can win.”




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