It’s Cold and Raining….

24 05 2009

Sadness? Anger? Depression? All feelings that I am dealing with on what would have been a beautiful Sunday. Today Newcastle United is officially relegated out of the Premier League. My heart actually feels a bit broken. It’s a very weird feeling for a grown man with a family to feel so upset over a football match. But here I am writing this post with a beer in my hand, not a Newcastle but a Pabst Blue Ribbon. I hung my jersey up in my closet and sit here before everyone reading this that “I vow not to wear my home jersey until the day Newcastle is pumped back into top flight”. I do have other merchandise that I will be wearing as this will be a reminder of my very first season of English Football. Some of you may be asking will I jump ship and follow another team, I do really enjoy West Ham, and my answer is HELL NO! I am a proud soldier in the TOON ARMY. Yes this is going to really suck to be honest, we deserved it. We were absolutely horrible this year and we got what was coming to us. We are kind of like the Republican Party. When your leadership is shaky things start to crumble. Now as difficult as this next year will be we have to deal with it head on and as sad as I am right now I will stand with my mates and cheer on the mighty Toons as we focus on returning to the Premier League.


Its going to be an interesting off season………………….




2 responses

27 05 2009

Truly a man among men. When most would be running to hide with their jerseys in the closet, you my friend, burst right out of the closet and say, “Hello world, I’m here and I am not ashamed!” Good for you!

29 05 2009

Is that what you said when you can out of your closet?

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