27 05 2009


I watched the whole damn thing.  I sat and watched the 93rd minute, the celebration, the players hugging, jumping, smiling, and the trophy presentation.  I took my medicine as a man.  We were out played, out ran, out skilled, and out manned in all ways.  I had to take it as a supporter.  This is what makes you stronger.  As I sit here in my white kit, pondering another beer, I wonder what this loss will do to my team.  What will Man United look like next year?  Time will only tell.  Right now I have to watch the highlights, the reports, and hear freaking Tommy Smyth talk (yes I believe he hates English football) all over the freaking place about this game.  I will do it, because that is what you do as a fan, because you believe you will be here again, and you will win.




3 responses

27 05 2009

I could offer you a warm glass of shut the hell up!! Boo hoo!! Why don’t you cry in bed while lying next to your EPL trophy you cheeky slag! I don’t want to hear it!!

28 05 2009

Suck it MEAT!!!

28 05 2009

FC Chelsea all the way!!!

Wait, what are we talking about? Either way, I’m in for Chelsea next year. Jake/Shawn, we should watch Chelsea v. Newcastle together. Oh wait.

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