The Yankees of Football

2 06 2009


Real Madrid may have signed Kaka from AC Milan setting the transfer fee record yet again.  This rumor is circulating the football world as you read this with a Spanish radio station breaking the news earlier today.  The Cadena Ser reported Kaka had joined Real Madrid for £56m, but AC Milan and a spokesman for the player (no idea what that means) have denied the report.

Real Madrid have set transfer fee (read definition here) records for the signing of Zinedine Zidane for £46m from Juventus in 2001, and £37m for Luis Figo from Barcelona in 2000.  If this story is true (both Kaka’s agent and father have confirmed the price of the fee), Real Madrid will hold the three highest transfer fees in the history of football, with this fee crushing the rest.

The scary part is that the president of Real Madrid says he’s not done yet.  His goal signings for this summer were Kaka, Christiano Ronaldo, and Frank Ribery.  Now that he says he has one it is time to work on the next signing.  To put this spending power in to context, the fee for Kaka (not his salary, that is just the money to move the player) is more than half the value placed on Newcastle United.  The fee placed on Ribery is around £65m, and Ronaldo’s head is closer to £70m, with him being the next target.




2 responses

4 06 2009

Why do you have to through Newcastle in there? Talk about kicking a man in the balls when he is down!! I hope they do steal Beautiful Ronaldo!

4 06 2009

I apologize. I was just using them as an example to show the public the vast amount of money that Real has, but I do see how this can make Newcastle seem like a small club. O, and the fact that I like to kick you in the balls.

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