Fountain of Youth?

4 06 2009


Is it me, or does Wayne Rooney look younger these days?  Now I know Wayne is only 24 years of age, but for the past three years it looked as if time was not on his side.  Now I’m not sure what it is, marriage, premier league titles, or Guinness (rumor has it that it makes you stronger, younger, and more attractive), but young Wayne is looking like the ripe young age he really is.  It might have been the rough life of growing up in a bleak town like Liverpool, but Rooney looked as if he spent his most formidable years strapped to the front of a ship. He just had to look of someone who is “weathered”.

Now Wayne is loving life and it is written all over his face, literally.  Whatever it is, I want a double, and I hope it is Guinness.




One response

7 06 2009

Yes he does look younger, but let’s be honest the lad is a bit hard on the eyes.

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