It Is For Real.

8 06 2009


Now you may be wondering why a Manchester United fan is posting about one of the best players in the world heading to Real Madrid.  Well my friends, and more importantly my enemies, this means that Real Madrid may have just priced themselves out of the market for Cristiano Ronaldo.  I had a hunch that this deal was going to happen a little bit ago, but as soon as Real’s new president said that a friendship with Manchester United was more important than signing Ronaldo, it was confirmed.  Friendship, really, who are you kidding?

I know that Ronaldo is not too popular outside of Old Trafford, but you must admit this more about wishing he was a player for your team, than actual hate for the man.  I do admit that his facial expressions and on the field drama rival that of some of the best soap operas on Telemundo, and that I wasn’t a big fan of the way he handled himself during last summer’s transfer window, including sunbathing in an orange speedo while he should have been getting his ankle surgery done.  Even after all of that drama, surgery, sunbathing, and late return to the team, he posted 25 goals in all competitions with 18 league goals, and a nice tan.  So yes, I’m happy if he stays, and yes this is good news for Manchester United.




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