“See, I told you.” (I know I’m going to hear this today)

11 06 2009


Goal.com report: “OFFICIAL: Manchester United Accept Real Madrid Bid For Ronaldo

Most United fans knew in their heart of hearts that this moment would be upon us.  Something about this year just felt different.  We felt we had seen the last of Ronaldo at Old Trafford.  After a long, drawn out drama last summer, this past season just did not carry the same flavor, or passion, or even heart.  Reading this article first thing this morning left me…indifferent.  Here’s why:

Now I’m not going to bash the guy just because he is leaving for what he has stated is his “dream”.  I understand he grew up idolizing Real Madrid as a boy, hoping someday to play front and center at the Bernabeu, and now he can fulfill his dream.  And this moment is better than even he could have imagined.  He will not just another great player in a long list of stars, but could become its savior, or at least have the lead.  Real Mardrid has been ineffective in the past few years, even losing its status as the “Galacticos”.  This summer they rehired the president that got the Galacticos’ dynasty started, and Ronaldo can now be a main component for bringing them back, and even beyond Real’s already legendary status.  Imagine not only living your dream, but being written into the history books as a legend.  We should all be so lucky.

It was not only Manchester United fans that felt this coming as well.  It felt like each week I was faced with the question of his future by all football fans.  The hard part for me is that he requested to leave, again.

Here is what left me indifferent.  He left, and will be hard to replace, but you just gave one of the best managers in the world £80m to spend.  Now when you lose a player of such a high calibre you worry about how to fill the gap.  I choose to put my trust in a manager who has seen this all too often, and has come back stronger.  Let the speculation begin, who’s coming to Old Trafford?




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11 06 2009


11 06 2009

We will overcome! Glory, glory!

11 06 2009

I heard Didier Drogba held a press conference to assure the football world that he will pick up the slack as the new hottie of the Premier League. He is a pretty man too!

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