ESPN cures deadly disease.

22 06 2009

The disease of us not getting to watch our full share of EPL matches on television.  Suddenly the sun is shining brighter, the birds are singing sweeter, the flowers are blooming, and I have a smile on my face that even the sight of Michael Ballack couldn’t take away.  ESPN has won the rights to broadcast 46 EPL games next year (2009-2010), live and in HD.  Yes, I said live and in HD.  ESPN quietly went after these matches after Barclays officially ended its association with failing Setanta (a channel that you could only get on Direct TV).  You can read the full article here.

“Premier League football is one of the world’s most sought after sports properties, and we are very excited to be expanding our business in the UK with England’s top football product,” said Russell Wolff, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, ESPN International. “This move demonstrates our commitment to British sports fans and our ongoing commitment to delivering football to fans around the world across a variety of media.”

I love you ESPN..I love you.




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22 06 2009

I think that this HAS to be seen as good news for Soccer fans. A Sport is semi irrelevant if it doesnt have ESPN’s backing. Hell Major sports in america cant get ratings on the WEST COAST!
It takes up time slots that are replays of SportsCenter during the day and doesnt take up too much time from other shows. Im happy for you 🙂

22 06 2009

This is a GREAT thing for soccer fans in the US.

Not so great for me. As it adds to the hours in which I will be “relegated” (pun intended) to 2nd place (maybe 3rd if there is Guinness involved).

22 06 2009

This is big time! I heard that they will be showing Newcastle matches on ESPN 8 “The Ocho”. Perfect time to be relegated!! Damn It!!!!!!!!

22 06 2009

Yesssssssssss, We were just talking about this and we both said it we be so nice if espn picked up those extra games. Nothing will stop us now, nothing i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 06 2009

Hello my American friends just been browsing your site – interesting to read the traumas of being a yank footy fan.

A bit of bad news for you though, I don’t think Setanta’s deal in the US is affected by the rights package that was lost. That deal was to broadcast live in the UK only and as this customer message shows

I think you’re stuck with Setanta for a bit longer.

Personally I’m interested to see what ESPN do with the coverage as Sky Sports brought in a lot of American ideas to the Prem (monday night football, colour commentators, hype and swanky graphics with woosh noises)
What can we Brits expect?

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