Shopping Spree

22 06 2009


I know Sir Alex is ready to splash some cash, but the rumor mill is spinning out of control right now.  I signed up for a Google News alert (see Google) awhile back and it was perfect.  Every now and then I would receive an email or two discussing great news stories from sources that I would never have found on my own.  It was a beautiful way to maintain my currency on all things United.  Until the summer hit.

The second the Ronaldo saga began to develop, my Google alerts started pouring in.  The second I would delete one, two more would appear.  Soon I couldn’t escape it.  It was wonderful for a minute, I was captured by the news and keeping myself up-to-date, but soon it was too much.  It quickly moved from Ronaldo, to Tevez, to who United will buy next.  I still cannot empty my Inbox fast enough.

Here is my promise to you.  I will not be a part of the rumor mill.  I will leave that up to the experts.  Here I will bring you the confirmation of the signings and the detail surrounding the players.  Here I will try to report the news, and I look forward to that happening soon.  Look here for the “for sure”, not the “what if’s”.




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