Among the Thugs announces a new summer signing.

24 06 2009


Among the Thugs would like to officially announce the newest signing to our team.  Today we have signed Andy for an undisclosed fee.  We welcome him with open arms and look forward to his insight for all things coming out of Villa Park.  Andy’s talents have been witnessed on many occasions, and we are honored to have him represent us.

This signing is a testiment to the growth of the serious American football fan.  The movement has begun, the momentum is rolling, watch out football world.  Welcome Andy, you are now a Thug.

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3 responses

24 06 2009

On behalf of all the Magpie’s here in America, even though you broke our hearts in our final match in the Premier League, I would like to welcome you to the thugs!!

24 06 2009

I’d like to take this time to really thank you for that warm greeting. It reminds me of the welcoming peasants would give their lords when they came to exercise their right to “break in” a newly wedded bride. For you my lads, are all newly wedded brides… and I plan to watch Aston Villa play some Football Under Consent of King to you all.

Happy learned how putt.

As much as I would love to support USA’s amazing victory, it’s a little premature to break out Kool & the Gang… Brazil and/or South Africa is going to put the hurt on them real bad. “If he dies, he dies” — Ivan Drago

25 06 2009

Oh– Shiznit! There goes the neighborhood. Why don’t we just invite the Iranian president in for crying out loud.

Well anyway — Welcome Andy… I hope Villa sucks for you.


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