I hope someone cares. USA 2, Spain 0!

24 06 2009


Don’t worry, you are not reading the title backwards, the unthinkable has happened.  I almost wrote a post on the fact that the United States secured an improbable birth into the semi-finals at the Confederations Cup (read this if you have no idea what it is), but I thought for sure, with the rest of the world, that they would be soundly dumped out of the competition by Spain.

Now I can’t resist myself.  The US has beaten Spain, the FIFA #1 ranked team, who were also holding a 35 game unbeaten streak.  Now, I understand these things do happen in friendlies when teams field under-strength teams to “give the young boys a try”, however, this was not the case today.  This was a victory over a full-strength (minus one important injury) Spanish squad, marking one of the greatest victories in US football history.

God Bless America!




3 responses

24 06 2009

Wow!!!!What a shocker. The US team actually put it all together for an entire game. This is a huge win for the US mens team. Great job and Go USA!!!!

24 06 2009

This is huge!! It actually was mentioned on ESPN radio here in Southern California after 55 min of talking about Manny Ramirez coming back to the Dodgers next month. Great job USA! At least some of us care.

24 06 2009

I know I’m not part of your “football” crew, but I’m pretty excited about this too! Go USA! Hopefully I can save my pennies starting now to go see them in South Africa in 2010.

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