Link Addition – Football Transfer League

25 06 2009


Our friends over at Pitchslap have done it again.  They have sent over a link to a most glorious resource.  Footbal Transfer League is a site that will bring you statistics for football transfers and rumors from the UK press.  This is a giant collection of the transfers and football rumors that the press produce, but more than that, this site will drill down into the numbers and extract interesting statistics.  This is a much needed site when the transfer window opens up and the rumors run wild.  They even have a section that displays the accuracy of the “papers” by the percentage of their rumors that prove to be true.  It is scary that they are all lingering around 25% accuracy.

This site is perfect to keep track of your team, player, or league, and has just enough statisical data to make sure you completely waste the day away reading.  Wait, it’s Thursday?  What happened to Wednesday?  Curse you Football Transfer League.

Updated: The Sources




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