Blowout despite the score….

28 06 2009

Brazil 3, USA 2; The better team won. It was not close. It was not a nail biter. It was painful. Forget the score. Brazil gave a beat down, toying with us the entire time. Brazil should have played in Hanes wife-beaters cause they smacked USA around like their common-law bitch. America’s goalkeeper, Tim Howard, played like a champ but Brazil’s onslaught was just too much. Brazil was in control the entire game. They may have been down a few goals the first half, but they were always in control. It’s like when you play basketball with your wife. At first you let her score a few points just so she won’t leave and she’ll feel like she’s participating, but then you get bored and decide to end the game. So you score thirty points at will which promptly ends the game, as was your original attention, but you forgot that your public slaughtering has embarrassed your wife forcing you to sleep on the couch… (which is cool anyway cause you can watch all the Gilbert Gotfreid “Up All Night Classics” w/o getting hassled). But I digress, USA, thanks for playing. You gave me an opportunity to drink beer on a Sunday afternoon. Am I proud? Well… Like any father of a disabled child, “I’m just happy you gave it your all. Now take that mico-machine out of your nose and go get washed up for dinner.”




One response

30 06 2009

Simply classic. Now where’s my wife beater at, because I think it’s time for a game of basketball.

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