Where’s my Latte Buffy?

28 06 2009

Today while listening to Sports Center on ESPN radio they were talking about the Confederations Cup final between USA and Brazil and why football (soccer) has not blown up in America. I became pretty annoyed hearing the host and all his callers brainstorming on answers to that question. The reasons they had come up with should have embarrassed them but no, they had spewed out these pretentious one liners that made me want to smack them right in the throat. Lines like: Since we are not the best we are not interested…..since we didn’t create the sport we don’t really care…..we need instant gratifacation to keep our interest…..it’s too slow of a game to watch on t.v. (uhhhh golf….) …..and my favorite, we can’t make any money doing it here. If we want the big bucks we have to go over seas.

Now I’m sitting here pretty agitated…..USA just pulled a Newcastle United move and blew their 2 nil lead and lost to Brazil 3 to 2. What could have gotten a lot of Americans interested just went out the door. Will this amazing sport ever make it here?




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28 06 2009

There are two reasons why the US has not embraced futbol/soccer. The first is because we don’t know what to call it. Futbol? Football? Soccer? Soccer Ball? The rest of the world calls basketball “basketball”, golf “golf”, and they call baseball “baseball.” People need to stop with all of this assimilation BS! We are American’s and for some reason we call it soccer. That’s okay. We drink our beer cold. We are capitalists and proud of it, we love tans (*even if we don’t admit it), and we have very fragile egos… which leads me to the second point of why soccer has not caught on. We watch sports so our team will win and we will feel good about ourselves as if we played some part. We don’t want to root for 2nd, 5th, or crappy Newcastle-relegated teams. We need winners… But we need America to embrace the sport to develop the talent to produce winners. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

29 06 2009

I agree with AstonMuggle. Poor America doesn’t have patience and they want instant winners, sadly. We want to come on the scene, kick a** and tell everyone we are the best, right off. Sad, but true.
And since the majority of America doesn’t udnerstand the sport, ignorance takes over and instead of embracing the beautiful game and learning, they gawf at it and return to watching Nascar or something else that we are “winners” at.

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