30 06 2009


From ESPNSoccernet: “Tevez reveals United ”pain” and slams Fergie.” – The best part of this article is how Tevez said he went home at night, and shared with his family how much he suffered.

Poor Tevez, I feel so bad for you.  Are you kidding me?  Suffered? You were a part of one of the best teams in the world, won multiple trophies, and accomplished more with, or because of, this team than you will the rest of your career.  And now you want to lash out at Sir Alex’s decision-making and how he chose to leave you on the bench?  He has been coaching Manchester United almost as long as you have been alive.  I didn’t know it was Carlos United!  Last time I checked I didn’t see your face on the emblem, and I had no idea that you deserved more respect than the legends you were playing with.  You would never see Giggsy or Scholes show the lack of respect you showed in your short time as a substitute.  And to think for a minute (almost literally) I defended you and call for United to sign you.  I want that minute of my life back.

Carlos, I hope to see you in Manchester next year wearing baby blue.  And as we complete the double on City in the derby, you can go home and cry yourself to sleep on your Champions League medals (yes medals, you get one for second place) and your two Premier League title plaques.  And as you are weeping away, wondering what you have done, take a deep breath Carlos, that’s the last time you will get a sniff of that success.




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30 06 2009

Yeah! Take that Carlos! Whew! …Now go spend the millions you made doing those Geico Caveman commericals, you ugly ass disgrace to the game.

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