It’s Almost Time Lads!!

31 07 2009

We are just about a week away from the start of the 09-10 season!! I can’t believe it. The world is different. Leagues are different.  Clubs are different. Some teams new kits are……horribly different. And even though some of us are still dealing with the cold hard truth behind relegation the fact remains true that it’s almost…….FOOTBALL DAY!!


New NUFC Footy Friend Site

31 07 2009


I am happy to announce a new Footy Friend for all who are following the drama at St. James Park. The site is called Newcaslte Daily News. There you will find the latest news from hardcore Magpie fans. I’m proud to add these guys to the Thug family. Go NUFC!

The Chosen One?

28 07 2009


The Chosen One would like to be the one chosen to take the reins after the departure of Sir Alex.

Jose Mourinho told the Daily Mirror, “I would consider going to Manchester United but United have to consider if they want me to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson. If they do, then of course.”

This by no means signals the end of the 23 year-old legacy of Ferguson, but at 67, the end may be insight even if it is a few titles away.  United must find a large ego once the manager applications start rolling in, and Mourinho has assured the football world that his ego rivals the biggest in the game.  This may be the right fit, and he may be worthy of such an honor.

His last quote was my favorite, and proves my point.  Speaking of his “divorce” with Chelsea he says this: “Since I left I became champion again but they have not been champions again. I keep on winning and they don’t.”  Classic.

Cautiously Optimistic.

24 07 2009


I’m not one to follow friendlies, and I don’t believe the results mean much.  However, in this case I have been monitoring the progress of the “new” Red Devils.  The “new” emphasis is not directed at the new signings, but rather the new formation, strategy, and mission of United.  I am desperate to see how they attempt to answer the question left by the departure of Ronaldo.  I know Tevez left too, but that question was answered before he chose his own fate.  The chasm left by such a game changing player is surely going to be felt, and I am as curious as ever to see how United, and Sir Alex respond.

Here is why I am left cautiously optimistic.  The entire United strike force has found the back of the net.  Owen has netted two, including a game winner.  Rooney seems to be in mid-season form.  Macheda scored a mature striker’s goal.  And Berbatov even headed home (last year he headed over quite consistently).  I know these are friendlies, however, I also know how important it is to a striker to find the back of the net, even if it is a friendly.

Only 15 days my friends (Community Shield match, 21 days for the rest of you lot). I just got the chills.

Where’s My Silver Lining?

22 07 2009

Well it’s been about a week since my last post. My routine has not changed though. I get home from work and check my normal sites to see if there is any news about my Magpies. And everyday it seems that life at Newcastle United is getting worse.

We still don’t have a new owner (even though we have been told that the club was going to be sold two weeks ago).  We don’t have a manager (how long is Shearer going to sit on his ass before he gets sick of waiting for Ashley to make a move and bails to another club?). Newcastle management refuses to accept any transfer papers from any players wishing to leave (yeah….that’s great way to start the season! Force them to stay!). Reports of the City Council getting involved to help the sale move quicker. Fans are outraged. Players are pissed. Oh yeah…in all our friendly matches…we are wearing yellow and cream color kits. So I ask any of you reading this…can you find me a silver lining?

Putting Becks on notice.

21 07 2009


This will be a rare post for sure, but I am going to speak a little MLS if you don’t mind.  This has nothing to do with the game, the opposition, or the draw.  This has to do with the fans, the Los Angeles Galaxy fans in particular.  First I have to point out that they probably have the worst nickname ever, literally ever, in the history of sports branding.  The L.A. Riot Squad?  Really? This name is a perfect representation of the status of football in the United States.  Stretford End versus L.A. Riot Squad, just like the football, it doesn’t compare.  This makes what I’m going to say very painful.  I’m proud of the Galaxy fan, and here’s why.

They proved that they truly are fans of their team.  They proved that football is bigger than one player, and that one player, even in the MLS, does not make a team or even a club.  These fans made a stand against the biggest name in American soccer since the arrival of Pele to New York, and showed that they are there for their team.  They raged, booed, and protested his every touch of the ball, and were ready to fight.

You must remember that this is one of the biggest names in football.  Becks has played in the largest stadiums in the world, on the biggest stages in the world.  I’m sure he’s faced more hostile environments than the small confines of the Home Depot Center.  However the “L.A. Riot Squad” (still painful to type out) got under Becks skin enough for him to notice, react, and even call a fan down to the field for a personal friendly.

Whatever they did, they did it right, they made their point, and they put Becks on notice.  They let him know that they are there for the team, not him.

Link Addition – EPL Talk.

16 07 2009

Picture 1

Now I have been losing hours of my day following EPL Talk for the past week.  Apparently I have been trying to update myself of their entire archive, which dates back to 2005.  This site is self-promoted as the number one Premier League related blog in the world.  I think if there was an official vote for such an award, EPL Talk would get my vote.  It’s not often that I read a site until my contact lenses dry up and fall out (I’m actually not that big of a reader).

EPL Talk states, “With more than 300,000 unique visitors a month, EPL Talk provides daily news and analysis to football fans in 210 countries. The mission of the site is to provide readers with intelligent and interactive content focused on the world’s most popular sports league, the English Premier League.”

We here at Among the Thugs thank you Gaffer, for notifying us of your existence.  We will be one of the 300,000 visitors each month, guaranteed.

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