How heavy is 80 pounds?

2 07 2009

Does anyone remember that contest sponsored by Toys-R-Us (a stateside, nation-wide toys store chain) where one lucky kid was given the opportunity to run through the store and grab what ever toys he could possibly get his hands on?  In that most incredible 60 second period, anything that the child could grab and throw into a shopping cart would be his to keep. I constantly imagined what it would be like, to where I even fashioned up a strategic plan of how I would operate, if given the opportunity.

I think Manchester United is suffering from the same overwhelming feeling that the lucky, contest winning child must have felt.  Sky Sports has reported today that “tentative” talks have begun between Manchester United and Michael Owen’s representatives. Yes, Michael Owen.  I hope that these talks include topics like, “Who is Michael’s favorite knee surgeon,” or “What is Michael’s favorite brand of crutch?”

I hope that the £80m is not getting too heavy.  Sir Alex, keep pushing the cart. I’m sure there is something better on the next aisle!




One response

2 07 2009

WHAT THE HELL?!?! With 60 sec to grab all you can in the toy store you don’t grab items in the check out lane. Gum, silly putty, and Saved By The Bell trading cards are taken at the end of your shopping spree. What is Man U thinking?

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