11 07 2009

Now I know stereotypes can be an unfair judgment on someone. Just because a person is of a certain gender, race, or religion does not mean one can assume to know how they act, think, or behave. With all this being said stereotypes DO evolve from a certain overwhelming characteristics that a group may have.

I was at the park today signing both my son and daughter up for football in the fall here in Long Beach CA. I noticed one of the coaches there wearing a Chelsea FC t-shirt. I slowly walk over to him and at attempt to start up a conversation. Not even 5 seconds after hearing that I am a Newcastle United supporter his eye brows lowered and he looked me up and down to size me up. He then had turned into a guy that suddenly had more important things to do. As he walked away from me while I was in mid sentence I heard him mumble “at least you’re not a Manchester Moron.”

Since I am not a Manchester Moron I didn’t chase after him. But as I went walking back to my car a huge smile went across my face. Some stereotypes are very close to being 100% true: CHELSEA FANS REALLY ARE BITCHES!




3 responses

12 07 2009

“…they call him Belosh”


13 07 2009

I hear in prison you can buy a Chelsea fan for 2 packs of smokes. They hang on to your pant’s pocket turned inside-out and have to do what you say. They do wear soap on a rope but they tie the rope around their ankle (instead of neck) and call it a “Friendship Anklet.”

14 07 2009

I react the same way when I hear people say how exciting it is to watch womens basketball. That’s right, Jacob… Newcastle = womens basketball.

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