EPL, it is time for a technology boost. Twitter me.

13 07 2009

Now we may be new to the whole blog universe, but we are not new to the passion.  Among the Thugs was an idea that we started because we just have too much football to talk about.  Naturally our conversation transitioned into this blog, where we are able to share more stories, news, thoughts, and personal comments (read: verbal abuse) than time, or our families, would allow us.  This has allowed us to be able to document our everyday conversation.

The same way that we have taken this natural step, I feel it is time for our teams to do the same.  The second we stepped into the blogging world we discovered so many things that we were missing out on.  Not to mention all of the great news and stories from our new friends (The Sources), but some of the best commentaries about football I have ever witnessed (soon to be updated: The Sources).  This new world has overwhelmed us a bit, so forgive us as we try and digest all of the new information we have discovered.

One thing that we started here was a Twitter account (follow us).  I thought Twitter was silly, actually, Twitter is silly, until you give it to your favorite club.   This could be a powerful tool for clubs to keep the faithful informed of new and interesting highlights from an insider’s perspective.  I’m not talking about updates like, “Torres is eating Mexican food…ooooo, spicy,” or “Rooney hit the loo again, he’s just like an 8 year-old,” but more about details that the normal fan would stop to think about.  For example, “Pulling into Anfield now, skies are a little grey, rain may be on the way.  Good chorus of fans outside already.”  Now reading an update like that would give me chills, and I’m thousands of miles away!

Somehow this needs to happen.  Read this article by EPL Talk to see the status of Twitter accounts and EPL clubs.




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