Manchester City just put in a bid…for me.

13 07 2009

I’m sorry, but who hasn’t Manchester City been linked with this summer?  There is a new story this morning! Every single rumor either has had their name all over it, or in the least, the article ended with, “…and Manchester City is always an option”.  Well maybe not every single transfer of course, just those players who carry a value higher than £15m.

For those of you who are fans of clubs that run a good academy, scouting program, or your manager finds hidden gems, don’t worry, your players are safe.  Manchester City clearly is not looking to develop players, or looking at developing players, actually, I’m not sure if they are looking to even develop a team.  The only common thread that their signings seem to have is expense.  It seems that the only statistic they are interested in is the price tag.

Look at the list of strikers they either have, or have negotiated with. That is just the list of strikers!

I hope for the sake of football that this does not work.  I hope they fail miserably.  Not because I can’t stand City (even though that is reason enough), but rather for the game.  Otherwise you will see an influx of billionaires looking to buy mid-level clubs and treating the sport as if it were a game of Monopoly.




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