Link Addition – EPL Talk.

16 07 2009

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Now I have been losing hours of my day following EPL Talk for the past week.  Apparently I have been trying to update myself of their entire archive, which dates back to 2005.  This site is self-promoted as the number one Premier League related blog in the world.  I think if there was an official vote for such an award, EPL Talk would get my vote.  It’s not often that I read a site until my contact lenses dry up and fall out (I’m actually not that big of a reader).

EPL Talk states, “With more than 300,000 unique visitors a month, EPL Talk provides daily news and analysis to football fans in 210 countries. The mission of the site is to provide readers with intelligent and interactive content focused on the world’s most popular sports league, the English Premier League.”

We here at Among the Thugs thank you Gaffer, for notifying us of your existence.  We will be one of the 300,000 visitors each month, guaranteed.

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