Putting Becks on notice.

21 07 2009


This will be a rare post for sure, but I am going to speak a little MLS if you don’t mind.  This has nothing to do with the game, the opposition, or the draw.  This has to do with the fans, the Los Angeles Galaxy fans in particular.  First I have to point out that they probably have the worst nickname ever, literally ever, in the history of sports branding.  The L.A. Riot Squad?  Really? This name is a perfect representation of the status of football in the United States.  Stretford End versus L.A. Riot Squad, just like the football, it doesn’t compare.  This makes what I’m going to say very painful.  I’m proud of the Galaxy fan, and here’s why.

They proved that they truly are fans of their team.  They proved that football is bigger than one player, and that one player, even in the MLS, does not make a team or even a club.  These fans made a stand against the biggest name in American soccer since the arrival of Pele to New York, and showed that they are there for their team.  They raged, booed, and protested his every touch of the ball, and were ready to fight.

You must remember that this is one of the biggest names in football.  Becks has played in the largest stadiums in the world, on the biggest stages in the world.  I’m sure he’s faced more hostile environments than the small confines of the Home Depot Center.  However the “L.A. Riot Squad” (still painful to type out) got under Becks skin enough for him to notice, react, and even call a fan down to the field for a personal friendly.

Whatever they did, they did it right, they made their point, and they put Becks on notice.  They let him know that they are there for the team, not him.




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21 07 2009

Galaxy fans being angry at Beckham is ridiculous. If any one of those fans (as soccer challenged as they undoubtedly are) had the opportunity to play for AC Milan over the Galaxy, they would in a second. It’s crazy to be mad at Beckham for leaving the Galaxy for a couple months to go play for one of the best teams in the world, after the Galaxy was terrible last year, and so he could have a chance to play in one more World Cup. If the Galaxy was one of the best teams in the world, or the MLS was one of the better leagues, it might be different, but they’re not, and the MLS is not, so Galaxy fans should shut up and be glad that they have a decent player, and they didn’t tie another game last week…

22 07 2009

LA Riot Squad vs The Kop. I’ll take the Kop.

22 07 2009

I’m glad they booed him. I was just bumed he didn’t take off his shirt……did I say that out loud?

22 07 2009

LA Riot Squad????? Give me an F-ing break!!! I bet they even have a blog where they talk about their views and thoughts on football…….uhh….nevermind….there cool!

22 07 2009

fans always have the right to voice their concern but they have to understand that the world cup is around the corner and it will be beckham’s last attempt for international glory. the mls is improving but its miles apart from the quality of the european leagues.

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