Where’s My Silver Lining?

22 07 2009

Well it’s been about a week since my last post. My routine has not changed though. I get home from work and check my normal sites to see if there is any news about my Magpies. And everyday it seems that life at Newcastle United is getting worse.

We still don’t have a new owner (even though we have been told that the club was going to be sold two weeks ago).  We don’t have a manager (how long is Shearer going to sit on his ass before he gets sick of waiting for Ashley to make a move and bails to another club?). Newcastle management refuses to accept any transfer papers from any players wishing to leave (yeah….that’s great way to start the season! Force them to stay!). Reports of the City Council getting involved to help the sale move quicker. Fans are outraged. Players are pissed. Oh yeah…in all our friendly matches…we are wearing yellow and cream color kits. So I ask any of you reading this…can you find me a silver lining?




One response

2 09 2009
Colin Taylor

Yeah,”could have been worse,could have been born a Mackem”. Youtube it.

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