Cautiously Optimistic.

24 07 2009


I’m not one to follow friendlies, and I don’t believe the results mean much.  However, in this case I have been monitoring the progress of the “new” Red Devils.  The “new” emphasis is not directed at the new signings, but rather the new formation, strategy, and mission of United.  I am desperate to see how they attempt to answer the question left by the departure of Ronaldo.  I know Tevez left too, but that question was answered before he chose his own fate.  The chasm left by such a game changing player is surely going to be felt, and I am as curious as ever to see how United, and Sir Alex respond.

Here is why I am left cautiously optimistic.  The entire United strike force has found the back of the net.  Owen has netted two, including a game winner.  Rooney seems to be in mid-season form.  Macheda scored a mature striker’s goal.  And Berbatov even headed home (last year he headed over quite consistently).  I know these are friendlies, however, I also know how important it is to a striker to find the back of the net, even if it is a friendly.

Only 15 days my friends (Community Shield match, 21 days for the rest of you lot). I just got the chills.




One response

25 07 2009

another player who caught my attention is tosic, played well in malaysia. but youre right, these are friendlies albeit against competitive sides. hopefully that tournament in germany will be more competitive.

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