Minor Slave Trade?

1 08 2009

Manchester United have completed the signing of a 16 year-old French rising star, Paul Pogba, but not without upsetting his former club. Le Harve, a League 2 side, has lashed out at the signing, stating that Paul’s parents and Le Havre were bound to a contract called a ‘non-solicitation agreement’ since 2006. At the end of this agreement the player and the club would sign a training contract once the player reached a certain age.

The parents (read: parents) made the choice to not fulfill this contract with the French side once Manchester United came in with an offer to sign Paul.  Le Harve then made a long statement, which included this gem that caught my attention:

“While a lot of voices have started to be heard coming out of the EU, governments, Fifa and Uefa against ‘minor slave trade’, Manchester United have not hesitated to uproot a 16-year-old kid.”

I understand that Le Harve is upset, and that they cannot compete with United’s money, but “minor slave trade”? It was the parents’ decision to not fulfull the contract and accept United’s offer.  They are making it sound like Ferguson snuck into the Pogba household, stuffed Paul into a duffel bag, and wisked him away to Old Trafford for a hard life of constant football and cashing million dollar checks.  The horror.




3 responses

3 08 2009

I feel so sorry for him and his sad life. Boo freakin’ hoo.

3 08 2009

But still is it wrong to buy someone that young? Did the parent receive a payment of any kind? These are the things that need to be answered.

3 08 2009

Man U offered him money to join the academy, similar to any other transfer. The parents made the decision to leave Le Havre and sign the, what I’m sure will be, a very lucrative contract and a promising future.

In the end it is the family’s decision.

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