Among the Thugs: August Edition

4 08 2009

Among the Thugs had its monthly meeting, and we have decided to make this a part of your reading pleasure.  This official meeting was designed to discuss Thug business, but more importantly, gave us an excuse to get together and discuss life, err, football.  This is also known as every Friday night, but this was disguised as a way for us to vent, so our family and non-football friends would be more accepting of us.  We have been here before, but you have not, so forgive me if I gloss over details that may elude you.

August Notes:

The meeting began with the typical pleasantries, handshakes, locating the beer, filling the pipes and/or lighting the cigar, and settling in around the table for a night of discussion.  We dove right in on current topics revolving around the latest in transfer news, player news, owner news, and all the normal stuff that you could, or have, already read about.  It was the usual banter, and it will always be the norm.

The important notes we discussed this meeting were:

Year in Review:

This week there will be a viewing of the EPL Review show and Goals of the year show to kick off the beginning of the season.  If you are interested in attending, email us.

Community Shield Event:

We are planning an event to watch the Community Shield on Sunday morning, 7am, at one of two possible locations.  Again, if you are interested in attending, email us.

Among the Thugs Official Beer:

We have decided to create an official beer for ourselves.  You can see our first candidate (to be honest, it will probably be chosen) to secure the seal as the “official” drink of the group.  Ale Nino will be sampled at the next meeting where the vote will be made.  Stay tuned for an official announcement.

Boxing Day:

Yes we plan that far ahead.  Being West Coast based these festivities usually start pretty early.  This year the festivities may contain an all-night event extending Christmas into the next morning.  As Jacob calls Boxing Day, “second Christmas” we will be celebrating in style. (Details to come)

Footy Friends:

We introduced our new found friends in the digital world (thank you for all of your support), and how to step our site up to the next level.  There was discussion of how to maintain these connections, and how to foster new Footy Friends like these.  If you have input, please email us.

Abbey Sponsorship:

Our Abbey, The British & Dominion Social Club, is a members-only association.  This includes a membership fee, which none of us are too excited about paying for.  It is our goal to create enough traffic on our site to where they would be interested in sponsoring all of us, in exchange for us writing about our experiences at the Abbey.  So tell your friends to stop by and check us out, and help us with our views.

Official Email Address:

We have created a dedicated email account for you to contact us.  The address is

The meeting ended with threatening Louie with removal from the group due to lack of posting, endless Newcastle bashing (it is just too easy), Aston Villa’s relevance, Man United’s Star Trek style kit (Captain’s log…), and Jason’s attempt to convince us to name the official beer El Nino.




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