The Damned United… try The Douche United

6 08 2009

Once again the English prove they have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to football cinema. They dig deep into the ass of their creative reservoirs and pull out the story of Brian Cloughs and Don Revie as the pinnacle of legendary coaching?!!!! I haven’t laughed this hard since the babes of Newcastle were bouncing on my proverbial knee chirping, “Oy daddy, we want to play football like you someday!” Where are the brilliant tales of George Ramsay or Joe Mercer as they lead the Villains to their bellicose victories?!  But nooooooooooooo, we want to do a film about Mary Poppins and how good she looked in knee-highs (which granted, she did) but I digress… If there’s ever to be a film about football that will excite, nay unite, the world it MUST BE ABOUT ASTON VILLA!!! For we all agree, it’s just pure fun to watch talent on display when it comes to the boys of Birmingham.




2 responses

6 08 2009

A) You’re American, yes?
B) Your entire website is an homage to English football.

Maybe it is a bad film; don’t know, haven’t seen it yet. Seen the American trailer (vs the UK version) though and would venture to say that if any nationality has no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to football, well, sadly that’s my own.

ex: Alexi Lalas and our other star commentators. No other point is necessary. Oh wait, one more point. The FSC “Soccer house” fraternity inspired advertisements. Now that evokes the word douche.

6 08 2009

Not English football, English football cinema. Andy (correct me if I am wrong) was lost in translation for a moment. I believe that this was a post from a Villa fan in regards to the fact that the coaching legends we not the proper legends in his mind. But we both know the coaching legend that will have the best movie.

Good call on the commentators. Just wait until you hear the possible line up for ESPN’s coverage of the World Cup 2010.

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