Notes from TOP SECRET ARSENAL corporate meeting:

9 08 2009

*be advised, what you are about to read is a CONFIDENTIAL excerpt from a private meeting. Please do not copy any portion, in full or in part, without the expressed written permission from the parties involved.


ARSENE – No, no, no! I want more le anger, more le ferociousness to be seen!

FRANK- Well, there are no other Mascots I can think of! Let’s just pick one so we can move on to more important matters.

ARSENE – This is un time I will not surrender! We are Arsenal! Hear me roar!

FRANK – Say, wait a minute. Wait just one hot-damn minute. I think I’ve got it! I think I know what will put fear into the entire premier league! I think I know what our mascot should be!

ARSENE – Frank, if you pull your balls out your pants one more time—

FRANK- No, this is different, although “the brain” would rock as a mascot. But hear me out. Think Carnivore +strength +witty word play + Elton John wearing nothing but tube socks and a Swatch watch + prehistoric power… and what do you get?

ARSENE (sotto whisper) – Ooh lah lah… Gunnersaurus Rex!!! …make it happen.




6 responses

9 08 2009

Monty and Maggie are laughing so hard! He is a dinosaur!!! LOL!!! Arsenal is sponsered by Fossil watches!! LOL!!!! Dr. Alan Grant is an Arsenal fan! LOL!!!

9 08 2009

What is up with that collar he is wearing?

9 08 2009

That’s not a collar. It’s an electric voice box. He had a laryngectomy in the early 80s. Whatever you do, DO NOT be near him when he sneezes. Not pretty.

9 08 2009

I found astin villas mascot! his name is Hercules the lion

10 08 2009

LOL! I rest my case. Hercules is noble, majestic, demanding respect with every move he makes. Did you see those fangs? Eat your heart out Aslan.

11 08 2009


Who would root for this team?!!!!!!!!

oh wait….

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