The Thugs Receive a Gift.

14 08 2009

Today the Thugs have received a gift from a man that will forever be known as our first sponsor.  It all began with me reading a post put out by EPL Talk on the topic of the matches to be televised for the American fan.  The 2 articles that caused the most commotion for us were, “U.S. TV Schedule For Premier League Games: Aug Through Nov 09 (Updated)“, and, “ESPN Adds Premier League To Soccer Line Up“.

The quote that haunted me was, “For followers of the Premier League in the United States, supporters will need to have Fox Soccer Channel, ESPN2 and Setanta Sports to watch all of the games available.” We all wanted to be that “supporter”.

My buddy and brother, Jonathan, is a man that recognizes true needs when it comes to sport.  He decided to get me for my birthday, a contribution to the cause. As of today Among the Thugs now has Setanta Sports available for viewing.  Jonathan has made the obession complete for all of us, and has made us the “followers” of the Premier League we have always wanted to be.

Jonathan is now an honorary Thug.  Even though he does not have a team, and is not really a football fan (he prefers baseball or American football) he is welcome to all events.  Jonathan, here’s to you, and Thugs, game on.




One response

15 08 2009

aww, heart warming. happy birthday.

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