Happy 1st Day of the Season.

15 08 2009

This morning I awoke to a most glorious sight.  After I wiped the sleep from my eyes (at 4:45am it is pretty thick) I saw in all of its glory, EPL in high definition.  Even the fact that it was Chelsea at Stamford Bridge could not ruin the fact that American fans now have EPL in HD.  Now on to a few quick thoughts for the day.  I’m actually surprised that I’m the first one up, but here we go.


I hate Chelsea.  It burns deep within.  Today was a perfect example.  I knew Hull would not keep it level.  The second the 4th referee held up 6 minutes of added time, Hull’s dream of a point was over.  I was so confident that this was going to happen, I got up to get another cup of coffee just so I didn’t have to see it.  As I was stirring in all the trimmings, I heard the roar of the crowd.  I scooted around the corner to see a topless Drogba (something like this) running down the touch line.  I wish I wasn’t so smart.

Manchester City

I hate City.  On exactly the same plane as Chelsea.  Beating Blackburn at Ewood Park isn’t the easiest of feats, but this was no surprise.  Seeing Tevez on the bench felt almost like this match ending in a draw.

Aston Villa

Shocked.  Wigan, really?  Good job Latics, providing us with a good surprise on the first day.  My turn Andy, Villa U Suck.


Quite a surprise there. Scoring 6 on Everton is quite a statement, especially at Goodison Park.  Louie, care to weigh in?  Now is your chance.  However, I still don’t fear Arsenal this year.

Newcastle United

Well done.  You’re 1/7 the way to last years win total.  Maybe you are turning things around.  Ready to keep Ashley?

Tomorrow cannot come fast enough.  I can’t wait to see the game live, in my own living room.  Thanks to my gift, I don’t have to lay on the couch anymore as my laptop gives me third degree burns on my thighs as I jump from gamecast to gamecast.  Who’s going to be knocking on my door?




One response

16 08 2009
No.17 Cherry Tree Lane

Great. My spouse is going to talk to me even less.
Santanta has stole my marriage.

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