Disaster Strikes. Manchester United 0 Burnley 1.

19 08 2009


What the what?

No excuses today my friends.  Burnley were buoyed by a fantastic strike by Robbie Blake in the 19th minute.  A solid team effort and 70 minutes of hard work saw them through. United weren’t outplayed, but maybe outworked.  There is just no denying Burnley’s effort, and as I sit here just wanting to get this post over with, breaking the keys as I am typing, I wonder what the season will hold.

I had questions before, and more now.  United never looked unsettled, but also lacked any bite.  They never forced Burnley back as far as Chelsea did Sunderland yesterday (post on that to come).  I tip my hat to Brian Jensen, Burnley’s keeper, for his fine saves, however I think it was a lack of finishing quality that actually earned him the “man of the match” award.  United’s inability to finish made Jensen look world class.

As I watched the Burnley fans urge them on, I grit my teeth holding in the tirade reserved for only the unholy.  As the dust settled from the nuclear bomb of anger that went off in my soul, I am ready to move on.  I have to move on.  Come on Devil’s, who’s with me?

We dropped the points, but we never start off the season well.  Maybe Burnley is the new Reading circa 2006.  I certainly hope so, because we need those points back.




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