Toothless, what a great expression.

19 08 2009

steve bruce

I simply loves the different football expressions that I have learned over the years.  The English seem to be the best at summing up exactly what the mind is thinking when it comes to the game itself.  “Toothless” is another one of those expressions, and football fans were given its definition live on the pitch for all to see.

In the Chelsea versus Sunderland match on Tuesday, toothless was defined through Sunderland’s performance. Sunderland took a surprise lead in the 18th minute, and decided that they would try and sit on this 1-0 lead for the next 72 minutes and pray for the best.  As we approached halftime, the toothless Mackems had fully arrived in both the players and the fans.

Staggering into stoppage time, the fans begin to whistle, pleading with the referee to end the half to assist in subsiding the mounting pressure exerted by Chelsea.  Surely they understood there was a second half to be played, right?  I have never seen such desperation. Steve Bruce is an excellent manager, and even he couldn’t save this sinking ship.  I assure you he was embarrassed.

I do hate Chelsea as you all know, but I assure you this is not written out of Sunderland’s inability to get a result.  Well, even if it is, while Sunderland was up one goal, I could see it in the eyes of the players and the voices of the fans, Sunderland was going to lose.  The epitome of toothless.




3 responses

20 08 2009

Dirty “Toothless” Monkey Mackems!!!

20 08 2009

if they were playing against united, they would have been really up for it. playing as if their lives depended on it. dirty toothless mackems. lol

20 08 2009

mudblood toothless mackems! Rot in hell!

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