Adebayor salutes City fans.

22 08 2009


Part of this post is to report this ridiculous idea, the other is to post this ridiculous photo.

According to Mark Hughes, Adebayor is feeling right at home in Manchester.  Adebayor claims that he has settled in nicely and says he has the fans to thank for this.  Hughes told the Manchester Evening News, “You saw the reaction of our fans and that is a big thing for him because obviously he had issues with his previous club in terms of how he was appreciated. It has been quickly ascertained he will be a big favourite here.”

Are you kidding me?  Anyone else think it is a bit too early to start celebrating a player, the fans, the manager, or the owners over there at City?  It seems that City are desperate for any good press, or any sign that the money is progressing.  Of course the fans are going to welcome you, you are one of the largest signings and you tallied a goal in the first game.  The problem is just that, it was the first game.

Let’s see how supportive City fans are if City are sitting at the middle of the table come the new year.  I hope this is the case.




One response

22 08 2009

uhh why IS he standing like that? I do hate Man City. Man City, Chelsea, and Scumderland should go shopping togeather.

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