City? or United?

22 08 2009

Those were  my choices to watch as I woke up this morning. Sadly I chose the city game partly because my dad being a city fan but  mostly I wanted to see them play.  As I was watching City vs. the wolves with my dad I was pointing out all the new players they got,  like there’s so and so he from arsenal, he from man-u, he is from villa, he is from Newcastle and so on. It felt like Johnny Cash was standing behind us singing ” I took one peice at a time”. It’s a song about a guy who worked at a chevy plant and would steal a peice of a car every day and as years went by he had enough parts to make his own chevy but when put the parts together it looked like a beast of a car. Thats how felt watching city play, alot of different parts not really working together as one. Miss passing or no passing at all and even the  set peices were not scary. What will happen when real pressure hits this team? This is one car you can’t take out on the highway because it just going to fall apart.




3 responses

22 08 2009

I predict that Man City will fall into a burning ring of fire…they will go down down down as the flames get higher…and they will burn burn burn…all because of that ring of fire…that ring of fire.

23 08 2009

A beast of a car is right. It is running fine right now, driving it around the neighborhood, but the second they hit the highway, I hope it just falls apart.

23 08 2009

my hope is that too, but city are playing the way chelsea did when mourinho came in at the helm. they get the job done, no matter how ugly or poor they play – quite alarming really. still doubt mark hughes as the man to quide them to success.

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