More Open Accounts. Manchester United 5 Wigan 0.

23 08 2009


This was a must win, a statement game, a needed result, it was all of these cliches, and I knew they were right.  I wasn’t sure which United team I would see, and after the 0-0 halftime scoreline, I was afraid that I would see the 1-0 86th minute United. The one that will cause me to have a premature heart attack.

As the title tells you, a whole new United showed up.  A 5-0 demolition was exactly what all United faithful needed.  The high scoreline wasn’t necessarily what we needed, what we needed was the opening of two vital accounts, in Bebatov and Owen, and proof that United are still a threat from the free kick.

Bebatov’s cool, calm, and quiet skill in the 58th, Owen’s professional tally in the 85th, and Nani’s super free kick in the 90th helped answer a lot of the questions that I had.  A good result heading into the run in with Arsenal next week.




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