Manchester United offer transfer request for Diaby.

29 08 2009


Abou Diaby hammered home the deciding goal with the accuracy and instinct of a natural born striker. Wrong net, my friend, and I thank you.

In a match that offered its viewers the pleasure of a fast pace and high intensity match up, at the same time it denied us the pleasure of witnesses beautiful football.  This match was a far cry from beautiful, with both teams content to hammer each other more intent on disrupting the others game rather than trying to establish their own.

In a matches that take this turn from the start, it is usually a stroke of luck that can change the fortunes for one and decide the winner.  United got such luck today, and it was the decider.

I must admit, I was impressed with the overall play of Arsenal.  I honestly expected United to come out, punch Arsenal square in the gullet, and cruise to victory with van Persie leading the retreat, purse in hand.  I was wrong.  Arsenal punched back, not as hard, but they were up for the fight.

In the end, it is a much needed three points with a tough row of games ahead.




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