Aston Villa… fresh and full of life!

30 08 2009

Aston Villa beats Fulham 2-0

Man it feels sooooo good to win… again. It’s fun winning and being a winner. I like it. Scratch that, I love it! I like bathing in it, I like soaking in it, I like festering, dancing, laying flesh-on-flesh, playing and reading it bedtime stories. BUT there is a downside to winning; you are unable to empathize with losers like Arsenal. Louie and all you Arsenal fans out there, I really wish I had the ability to empathize with you. But you see, to empathize I would have to know the feeling of emptiness and hopelessness you are going through. And I do not. I can sympathize. I can pity you. I can laugh at you behind your backs. And I do. But know that even in our sweet, low calorie, 0 trans fat victory today, there is a black ring of remorse that I can not “connect” with you on a real, human level that we call empathy.




3 responses

30 08 2009

Arsenal is like the guy that sits on that freshly painted bench in a new suit, and runs straight to the Armani store to buy a new one. Villa is the guy that lays down, rolls around, and makes a pin-striped suit out of it.

Pass the Mentos Villa, United is also fresh and full of life.

30 08 2009

See I always saw United as more of a Crystal Pepsi of the Premier League…

30 08 2009

Was that the clear Pepsi? Come on, that’s like the Zima of beer. That’s an awful thing to say.

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