Who is the real Gunnersaurus Rex?

31 08 2009


Arsene Wenger woke up grumpy from his nap, realized he embarrassed himself, the fans, and his team on Saturday, and decided to take a shot at deflecting the attention to that by criticizing United’s tactics.

While Wenger was going over the post-game report while sitting on Gunnersaurus Rex’s lap, they both agreed that it wasn’t their fault they lost, it was United’s fault.  But how?  “They pushed hard.”  Wenger used the same reasoning that 8-year old girls use to quit playing football.  Mommy, she pushed me!

Being a sophisticated football manager, Wenger needed a smart catch phrase and called these tactics “anti-football”, but the rest of the football world likes to call it good defense.  I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

Next time Wenger should sit back, fire up a Gauloises, nibble on his croissant, and sip his espresso while reading the match stats.  If he did that he would have read that out of the seven players who committed the most fouls, five were from Arsenal, and that Arsenal had 6 yellows compared to United’s 3.

How you say, I am, uh, so sor-ree.  I, uh, believe that I, uh, am, uh, ca-raiz-ie.




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