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28 09 2009


Among the Thugs has added a new Footy Friend to the growing list of incredible partnerships and friendships started by this site. is an incredible football news resource for not just things Arsenal.  I by no means am an Arsenal fan, but I have found myself frequenting the site for just the football articles.  Louie highly recommends these guys, hence, the addition to the Thugs is complete.

They tout themselves as being, “ is an independent news service that concentrates solely on news about Arsenal FC.  We are in no way officially connected to the club and our views are all our own.”  I, however, believe that Arsenal would be proud to have such a resource associated with the club.

Welcome to the family, and a special thank you to Pat for reaching out and contacting us.  Well done!


Hollywood Update…

27 09 2009



With the new season of American Idol just around the corner, Fox is looking to follow it up with another crack at “Cavemen”, the story of a trio of Neanderthals struggle to live in modern day America. Based on the characters featured in a series of television ads for Geico Insurance.  Fox’s only hold up is weather or not Carlos Tevez, who was one of the founding actors in the tv ads, would be interested in putting on the costume [preppy pants and his baby blue v-neck sweater] once more. Mr. Tevez was very upset when Cavemen was pulled and vowed he would never again put the sweater vest on again. 

When more information is released I will be posting further details on Mr. Tevez’s return to television in “Cavemen”.


Skyrockets in flight, afternoon delight. Manchester United 2 Stoke 0.

27 09 2009


Well for this West Coast Yank it was a morning delight, but quickly moved to an afternoon, evening, and oh yes, a next day delight.  Manchester United has rocketed to the top of the Premier League with the defeat of Stoke, and the fall of Chelsea.

A dominant performance saw United cruise to a 2 – nil victory at the Britannia.  Not much to report other than utter domination.

This is a far cry from the way United supporters were feeling after the disaster at Turf Moor, but oh how we have come roaring back.  I know, I know, the season is long, and far from over, but at least the chatter about how United will fair this year has all but disappeared.  We are now feared once again.

United, you have sent me soaring.  Glory, glory, Man United.  On to the fourth title in as many years.

OHHH Happy Day!!

27 09 2009


What a great day Sep. 26 is! First off Newcastle United reclaimed the number one spot in the Championship League by destroying Ipswich Town 4 to nil. Kevin Nolan recorded his first career hat trick and the forth nail in the coffin was Ryan Taylor delivering by means of a free kick. With West Brom droping thier first loss to Crystal Palace [Newcastle beat Crystal Palace 2 to nil], Newcastle is now 2 points clear and sitting right where they belong.

Secondly I watched both my kids pick up wins in their own football matches. My son was able to punch a goal in to add to the 6 to 1 win for his team “The Black Knights” [he is 9]. My daughter was a defensive wall as she stopped a massive offensive attack to help her team “The Silver Bullets”[she is 11]  to their first win.


 Ohh what a Happy Day……

I’m Confused

26 09 2009


The news is reporting a 3-1 loss to Wigan for Chelsea.  What I don’t understand is why manager Carlo Ancelotti would purposely throw a match?  Was this a lesson for the team?  Some sort of motivational tool?  You all know this sport better than I do, so I’ll have to sort it out with you.  Regardless, a very strange and depressing thing to transpire this morning.

On Becoming A Chelsea FC Fan

24 09 2009

Re-posted from Criticism As Inspiration by guest writer, Mark.


I love sports.  But in my life I have typically never had teams that I followed specifically and of whom I would call myself a fan.  I have loved football (American) for as long as I can remember and just last year decided to follow the Houston Texans after a lifetime of having no team allegiance.  My reasoning for the Texans was simple… I had followed many of their players in my fantasy football league (I’m a nerd) and got used to wishing they would win, and finally decided to make it official.

After that however, I didn’t have anyone else.  Baseball – don’t watch it (if I wanted a steroidal freak-show I would go back and watch Pumping Iron).  Hockey – huh?  Basketball – love it, but again, don’t have a team I follow.  Golf – are you even allowed to root for anyone besides Tiger? (I think Nike would hunt you down and kill you).  How about soccer, or “football” as the rest of the world properly calls it?  Well, I played in AYSO when I was a youth but that was it, and besides who watches soccer in America?  You need to have special cable connections that unscramble signals from a pirated satellite in space to see a match.  And even then, Americans like sports with high scores, which is why your average baseball fan wants to see a ton of homers, not a pitchers duel.  It is near impossible to get excited about a 0-0 draw.  But I’ve found that a bunch of my hooligan friends do get excited over just such a world, and so they have dragged me kicking and screaming into the vortex of a sporting world full of passionate fans, large amounts of Russian money, gorgeous wives and girlfriends of players (WAGS), and of course drunken and violent thugs.

Shhhh, I'm about to make a sale!

Shhhh, I'm about to make a sale!

My introduction to this world was appropriately not by watching an actual football match, but in viewing a movie about violent football fans called Green Street Hooligans with my friend Jacob – who is a Newcastle United FC fan and therefore the butt of all jokes because his team was relegated from the Premiership to the Championship league, and also because his team sports jerseys reminiscent of Footlocker salesman.  In addition to the fighting I learned that there are other things fans can do such as drink lots of beer, curse, smoke, and wake up at the crack of dawn to watch a match all the while ruthlessly making fun of each other… things that I do enjoy immensely.  So I decided to join in the fun and choose a team, and thanks to the world of blogging I happened to get some advice from a Brit who rooted for Chelsea FC.

I have no idea who these players are

I have no idea who these players are

Immediately upon arbitrarily choosing Chelsea as my team I learned that I was now the most hated member of this band of friends – Chelsea being the New York Yankees of football apparently.  And while I don’t relish being hated, I do love the attention it draws, and also conveniently the fact that the team is awesome – just like the Yankees!!  So needing to fit in I have bought a jersey, since all these chaps wear their teams “kit” whenever football is being talked about, or being viewed, or being thought about, or when just going to the store for more diapers.  And so now I root for Chelsea FC, a team with a splendid and storied history, and try to remember who they are playing each week, and learn the names of at least three players (Lampard, Cole, Drogba… I think?), and know our record (6-0 beeyatches!).  It has been nothing short of fun in my brief stint as a football fan; I have an outstanding team to root for, a stellar coach (£9 million worth of stellarness), cool looking jersey’s, possession of the Community Shield, and the sweet, sweet knowledge that my team plays in the world’s best football league, The Premier League.  Only dopes follow teams in The Championship.

Among the Thugs: September Edition

22 09 2009

September Notes:

Promotion Theme:

As you can see we have instituted a theme change.  Based on consultation with blogging experts (we are strictly football fans who write) we were encouraged to be sure to give more love to our friends.  So instead of leaving our footy friends stranded at the bottom of our site, they deserve to be right up top.  We all know that nobody reads us enough to actually scroll beyond the most recent post, so welcome to the top of the table friends.

Match Events:

Not much in terms of marquee match ups anytime soon.  The next one of interest is probably Liverpool vs. Chelsea on October 4th.  Again, if you are interested in attending, email us.

Among the Thugs Official Beer:

Reminder, we have decided to create an official beer for ourselves.  Our first candidate (to be honest, it will probably be chosen) is still leading the as the “official” drink of the group.  We sampled two more beers over the past month, a Belgian style Wit which is unnamed so far, and a Mead appropriately named by Jacob as “Added Time”.  Jason has been tasked to write the official posts regarding the creation of each so stay tuned.  Neither one of these apparently knocked Ale Nino off of pole position.

Boxing Day:

The plans keep getting bigger and better.  We already have confirmed numbers for attendance to this glorious event.  Again details will follow, and if you are interested in attending, email us.

Footy Friends:

New footy friend for the month is  Check out this site for all news Arsenal.

Abbey Sponsorship (still pending):

Our Abbey, The British & Dominion Social Club, is a members-only association.  This includes a membership fee, which none of us are too excited about paying for.  It is our goal to create enough traffic on our site to where they would be interested in sponsoring all of us, in exchange for us writing about our experiences at the Abbey.  So tell your friends to stop by and check us out, and help us with our views.

Thank you all for your viewing and comments.  We are doing our best to keep all of our followers informed with our angles and stories.