Diving, is it worth it?

3 09 2009


With UEFA’s decision to ban Arsenal’s striker Eduardo for diving raises an interesting question, was it worth it?  Scotland’s national team goal keeper thinks that it definitely was, and I have to agree with him.  Eduardo clearly fooled the referee into calling a penalty against Celtic, where it was clear from every angle that Eduardo was not touched in the slightest.  Every angle except the one that mattered.

The referee deemed a foul was committed and the spot kick was awarded.  Eduardo slotted home and the match was over (from an aggregate standpoint).  The thing I love most is that UEFA studied the tape and concluded that there was in fact no foul, therefore Eduardo simulated the foul.  Using retrospective punishment, UEFA banned Eduardo from the next two matches in European competition.

So how was it worth it?  The dive got the call, the penalty, the spot kick, and the goal that sent Celtic crashing out of the Champions League.  It was worth it, and I’m sure Eduardo would not change a thing.

So what is UEFA hoping to accomplish?  What is the point of the ban, and why am I proud of them?  They banned him retrospectively, and the next time Eduardo enters the box looking for contact, I think he will be 100% sure that he finds contact before he drops to the floor like a narcoleptic.  In fact the entire continent should be on notice.   UEFA is watching, before, during, and after a match.

Before you flop, be sure it is worth it.  Big brother is watching.




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