Wake me up when it’s over.

8 09 2009


I apologize to our readers, but Among the Thugs seems to have taken an International break as well.  Being American, we definitely don’t follow the international action as intensely as it is being covered, and apparently we don’t have too many opinions about the subject.  I root for the United States to win, but the United States versus El Salvador in Sandy, Utah doesn’t do much to move the emotional meter.

For example, while watching United playing Arsenal, and after Diaby scored that amazing header, I dove across my living room floor destroying the skin on my knees in route to a fist pump that quickly threw out my back.  It was all worth it.

Watching Altidore score the go ahead goal only drew the traditional hand clap.  It’s not that I don’t root for the US by any means. It’s just that they should win, they should qualify, and it seems to be just a matter of formality rather than the exciting group play in Europe.

Now I do follow England’s qualifying campaign, but it is more because I recognize all the players, and I am sitting there urging Capello to sub Rooney so he doesn’t pick up an injury.  Not exactly the same as the rest of England.

I’m not knocking International football at all.  The World Cup is the greatest sporting event on earth.  I’m just ready to see United back in action.




2 responses

8 09 2009

Here here! I’ve been chomping at the bit for this next weekend to begin. AV plays 4:00am Sunday! Any takers?!

It’s not that international football can’t be exciting, it can. I love the US team. I love the mighty red, white and blue… but I love my in-laws too… would you rather drink a pint with the US team and talk about rising gas prices and how corporate farming is killing the “every man” farmer or toss back a pitcher of Ale Nino w/ the Villans and compare shank wounds till dawn?

Sorry US. I’ll send a Xmas card and smile when you’re around… but if you need me, I’m in bed with Aston Villa… and oh, how the AV can spoon!

11 09 2009

Wake up!!!!!!!! Football day!!!!!!!!tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

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