10 men united. Manchester United 3 Tottenham 1.

13 09 2009


For the past two seasons United went into this fixture at White Hart Lane against an in form Tottenham.  Last year, even with the squad we sent in there, I was elated with a nil-nil draw.  This year it seemed even more daunting.  In all honesty, I was concerned about the possible result.

The opening minute did little to settle my nerves.  Jermain Defoe, who not only sounds like an hip-hop artist but also looks the part, scored with an overhead kick that we will all see in the top 10 goals of the season.  Tottenham cam out and punched us square in the nose using the old Karate Kid principle, “Man can’t see, man can’t fight.”

However United showed why Sir Alex has complete faith in his current team.  Not only did United weather the storm, but we began to break down Tottenham all over the field.  A response was only a matter of time, and the effort was rewarded with a 2-1 halftime scoreline.

Just as the nerves were settling, typical Scholes showed up, but not the one United fans wanted to see.  I know Scholes cannot tackle, and every announcer seems to think he is saying something revolutionary when they are saying, “Scholes really can’t tackle.”  We all know that, and he got 2 yellows to prove the point.

Reduced to 10 men, I thought United would sit back and just try to absorb the pressure for the last 30 minutes.  Instead they united together, rallied around each other, and pushed for the third goal to put the game, and my heart-attack, out of reach.




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